Best western movie factual errors of 1970

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Factual error: So the Civil War ends, and the colonel heads for Texas. It must have taken close to a decade to arrive there, for when he rides into Blackthorne, Texas, he's packing a Model 1873 Colt, and a Model 1873 Winchester.

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Factual error: The worst historical distortions in this film must concern legendary "Wild Bill" Hickock. First of all he wasn't killed by a teenage boy, but one John McCall, a man in his 30's. McCall sneaked behind Hickock who was in the middle of a poker game and shot him through the head killing him instantly. Secondly this took place on August 2 1876, about five weeks AFTER the Custer's Last Stand. (01:46:30)

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Factual error: Throughout the movie, characters strike matches to light lamps. While "strike anywhere" matches had been invented by this time and were quite the rage in Europe (despite an alarming tendency to explode due to the volatile chemicals used), they were an unknown commodity on the American frontier until well after the turn of the century. (00:49:00)

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