Best comedy TV revealing mistakes of 1960

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The Andy Griffith Show pictureThe Andy Griffith Show mistake picture

Taylors in Hollywood - S6-E8

Revealing mistake: While Andy, Aunt Bee, and Opie are at the Hollywood studio watching a scene being filmed, when Andy mistakenly stands up and interrupts the filming we can see the wall and shelves behind the director, and it should look familiar because it's the wall and shelves from Floyd's shop in Mayberry.

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The Three Stooges Show picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: In the episode "Disorder in the Court" (1936), Moe and Larry start playing Tic Tac Toe on the prosecutor's chair with chalk and Moe first puts "X" on the upper left square. The prosecutor then sits down on the chair and when then standing up to object, the marks which copies on to his jacket from behind don't match. The "X" is gone and shows an "O" in that square where it should have copied the "X".

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