Best movie revealing mistakes of 1957

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Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison picture

Revealing mistake: Allison is wounded by a grenade fragment while disabling the Japanese 105's. But when his bloody shoulder is first seen, the blood stain is visibly too bright for real blood.

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The Bridge on the River Kwai picture

Revealing mistake: When the bridge blows up, there are explosions on the bridge deck itself, but the charges were only set on the pillars below.

Jacob La Cour
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Hell Drivers picture

Revealing mistake: When the truck with Red and Cartley goes over the cliff, the two occupants are obviously dummies, and when the truck lands at the bottom it is obvious that the tipper body is made of wood.

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An Affair to Remember picture

Revealing mistake: An open water shot of the Constitution shows the wake from the camera boat.

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The Monolith Monsters picture

Revealing mistake: When the monoliths are getting close to the river bed, in two of the close ups when the monoliths fall the "ground" bounces.

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Revealing mistake: When Speedy Gonzales is watching Sylvester drink Tabasco sauce from the tank that sends him miles into the horizon, watch Speedy's tail: it disappears before the scene ends.

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Show Biz Bugs picture

Revealing mistake: When Bugs is applauding with the audience after Daffy has blown himself up, his tail disappears for a second.

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Men in War picture

Revealing mistake: A blank firing adaptor (BFA) is visible on the muzzle as the men set up the .30 caliber machinegun.

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Desk Set picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening shot of the film, at Rockefeller Center, the shot begins at ground level and tilts up the building, but it was shot from the top of the building down to ground level and then reversed - all the people on the ground are walking backwards.

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