Best western movie mistakes of 1954

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers picture

Continuity mistake: In the barn dance scene Gideon is doing flips on the sawhorse. His shirt becomes untucked and then retucked between flips.

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River of No Return picture

Continuity mistake: When Marilyn Monroe tries to untie the raft and Robert Mitchum can just catch the rope it the river flows from left to right. Later, when they take off again together, the river flows from right to left.

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Continuity mistake: After Tom has painted his finger to make it look like a sausage, he puts down the brush and you can see that it is resting near the handle of the paint pot, but when Jerry lassos Tom's finger, the brush is now resting near the wall.

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Sitting Bull picture

Revealing mistake: Many of the cavalry soldiers were carrying M-1 Garand rifles (WW2 era rifles).

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Continuity mistake: When Porky tells Daffy to arrest Nasty Canasta, you can see the window next the door has four panes of glass, but when Daffy challenges Canasta to a fight, the number of panes has increased.

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