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Alice in Wonderland picture

Other mistake: After listening to the flowers sing, Alice is standing and talking to them. Although Alice is moving her head and arms around, her shadow stays still.

Hamster Premium member
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The Thing From Another World picture

Other mistake: When the captain comes face-to-face with the Thing for the first time, the upper right frame becomes blurred once the door starts opening until it closes followed by a scene change. Very odd except maybe they were trying to hide the minicharges to create the bullet holes after they close the door. The implanted charges are very visible when the scene is not blurred. Also there is a small charge in the wooden frame of the door near the door handle. (00:57:32)

Larry Koehn
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Strangers on a Train picture

Other mistake: When Farley Granger sneaks out of his flat to go to Robert Walker's house, there is an EXIT sign over the door. Maybe in a theater or cinema, but in a private apartment?

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Quo Vadis picture

Other mistake: When one of the Christians is being crucified and burnt, we can see that just after the man's "death" the body is substituted by a plastic doll covered in red paint.

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Captain Horatio Hornblower picture

Other mistake: The day after informing Lady Barbara that he was married, Hornblower, in a rush to get home, orders the t'gallants set. But the ship, as shown in the prior scene, already has them set.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still picture

Other mistake: Lock Martin is not wearing his Gort glove on his right hand in the first frame of him carrying Patrica Neal.

Spencer Sheldon
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