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Casablanca picture

Trivia: Conrad Veidt, who played Maj. Strasser, was well known in the theatrical community in Germany for his hatred of the Nazis, and in fact was forced to hurriedly escape the country when he found out that the SS had sent a death squad after him because of his anti-Nazi activities.

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The Pride of the Yankees picture

Trivia: In the movie, Lou Gehrig concludes his farewell speech with the famous line "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth". However, in real life, he continued after this point. The last lines of his speech were "And I might have been given a bad break, but I've got an awful lot to live for. Thank you."

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Holiday Inn picture

Trivia: The Holiday Inn chain of motels, founded after World War II was named after this movie, not the other way around.

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Arabian Nights picture

Trivia: A point of interest: The big battle scene at the end of the movie was reused for the beginning of the movie 'The Golden Blade', starring Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie.

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Woman of the Year picture

Trivia: This is the first film of nine that Spencer and Hepburn appeared together. They fell in love during the shooting of this film.

Jack's Revenge
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Bambi picture

Trivia: Some scenes of the woodland creatures and forest fire were actually unused footage from the 1940 Disney movie "Pinocchio."

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Donald Gets Drafted picture

Trivia: The cartoon reveals for the first time Donald Duck's middle name - Fauntleroy. You can see this on Donald's "Order to Report for Induction" form on the title screen.

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The Impatient Patient picture

Trivia: The opening credits on this cartoon are the artists' actual signatures.

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Mrs. Miniver picture

Trivia: Even though Greer Garson plays Richard Ney's mother in the movie, she was only 12 years older than him.

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The Ghost of Frankenstein picture

Trivia: Even though the Ghost of Frankenstein is the title character, he has only two minutes of screen time.

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Yankee Doodle Dandy picture

Trivia: James Cagney won his only Oscar for his performance as George M. Cohan in this movie.

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Saboteur picture

Trivia: Director Alfred Hitchcock has a cameo role in this film - he is seen standing in front of Cut Rate Drugs where Barry Kane is taken upon arrival in New York City.

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