Best movie visible crew/equipment of 1927

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Visible crew/equipment: When they get into a horse drawn carriage, there are glass windows. When the carriage turns the corner you see a reflection of a white Dodge pickup truck.

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Metropolis picture

Visible crew/equipment: Maria is preparing to leave the catacombs and Rotwang has sneaked in to kidnap her. He diverts her attention by throwing a loose brick to the ground a short distance from himself. Maria is then standing deciding what to do. A cord or cable (possibly an extension cord) is visible on the ground behind her on her left. She turns to her right and walks. Her left foot then her right foot gets tangled in the cord. (00:55:35)

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The Battle of the Century picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the man is hit in the face with a pie whilst having his picture taken, you can see a crew man's hand throw the pie directly in his face.

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