Best movie mistakes of 1921

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Lady Hamilton picture

Factual error: Big Ben is heard to strike in 1804, fifty years before it was built.

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The Goat picture

Continuity mistake: Buster Keaton drops his coat on the sidewalk in front of a light post. When he returns for it in the next shot, the coat has moved and wrapped itself around the pole.

Jean G
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The Kid picture

Continuity mistake: After the Tramp has found the Kid as a baby, he sits down by a drain and contemplates dropping the baby in. He puts his cane alongside him, so that it is at right-angles to the pavement (pointing towards the camera). The shot changes, and suddenly it is now parallel with the pavement.

Andrew Upton
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I Do picture

Revealing mistake: Harold Lloyd is trying to cross a busy intersection. Apparently the scene was double-exposed. As one car passes by, it appears translucent and the streetcar tracks can be seen through it.

Steven Lee
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