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Continuity mistake: From the aerial angle of the Russian parade, the trucks have already passed the tribune where the politicians are, but in the close-up they're many meters behind. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: Superman flies towards the tornado, where the girl is, and "destroys" the tornado (or whatever it is he does), yet, for unknown reasons, Superman is suddenly seen miles away somewhere else, flying towards the tornado again and, what's even weirder: the girl is now floating on air. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: When Superman leaves the farm, after the tornado, the basement doors swap from closed to opened between shots. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: No soldiers are visible in the aerial angle of the Russian parade, but dozens in the immediate close-up. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: When Superman blocks the Russian missile during the parade, its position keeps changing in every single shot. Sometimes it's close to the politicians, others away... This changes back and forth. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: When Nuclear Man bombs the Russian truck during the parade, the politicians are standing apart, calmly. A frame later they are squeezed together horrified. This keeps changing half a dozen times. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Character mistake: When the little girl is about to be blown away by the tornado she is crying terrified, but when she is swallowed by the tornado, spinning around violently, she stays totally calm, even bored. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Continuity mistake: When Jenny is about to be sucked by the tornado, the windows are banging violently. The shot changes to a wide angle of her flying away and the windows are opened wide and still, despite the tornado blowing. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

Revealing mistake: All of the shots of Nuclear Man flying, or him turning around to check for Superman are the same ones repeated over and over again.

Revealing mistake: During the tornado scene, the wind makes the windows open and close violently, but the cowboy hat on the porch stays in place barely moving. (Laserdisc and international extended editions).

24th Feb 2014

Titanic (1997)

Continuity mistake: Before winning the poker game, right when we meet Jack, his cigarette swaps from worn out and dirty to perfect and spotless.

Continuity mistake: After Jordan and Naomi make love for the last time, his pants suddenly appear on him when he's about to leave the bed.

Continuity mistake: When the FBI is on the boat and Jordan introduces the two models, his hand is either behind the back of one of her's or loose, depending on the angle.

Continuity mistake: When Jordan snorts blow from Naomi's breasts, the amount on the right breast suddenly diminishes between shots.

27th Jan 2014

Mary Poppins (1964)

Continuity mistake: When Jane and Michael sneak inside the chimney, Jane's hands change positions between the front and back shots.

11th Jan 2014

Phil Spector (2013)

Continuity mistake: When the movie starts and Linda takes a glass of water to her lips, the hand with which she holds the glass swaps between shots.

Continuity mistake: The floating pliers behind the cosmonaut keep appearing and disappearing between shots.

Continuity mistake: The cosmonaut is fixing a satellite dish with his left arm but a frame later he's working with his right arm instead.

Continuity mistake: When Walter teaches Rich how to use the skateboard, the pavement is on the sunny side in the close-up angles, but in the shadows in the wide angles.

Continuity mistake: When Walter meets Odessa at Life, he is holding the cake with his right or left hand with no continuity between angles.

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