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Beauty and the Beast

Continuity mistake: When Lefou runs out of the castle, he is missing one shoe. In the next shot, outside the castle, if you look closely he has both shoes on.

Continuity mistake: In the very short scene where the Beast throws Marice into the machine and it carries him away, the front entrance of the castle is utterly different from normal. For instance, normally there are no stairs leading up to the castle, the statues on either sides of the doors are different, the walls next to the entrance are shaped differently, and so on.

Audio problem: When the horse comes galloping into the meadow, Belle cries "Phillipe" but her lips don't match what she's saying.

Continuity mistake: At the very end, when all the objects change back into humans, the position of the roses on the walls in the background changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the villagers try to take away Maurice, the position of the vines over the cellar doors changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Belle goes to open the door for Gaston, her chair is close to the carpet on the floor. Then when the shot returns to this area, the chair is much further from the carpet.

Continuity mistake: When Lumiere suggests to see "The gardens or the library" his flames are at his sides. Then when Belle replies "You have a library" his candles are at his sides.

Continuity mistake: After Phillipe's reins get caught in the branches, the loop of the reins becomes longer between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the Beast and Belle are in front of the fireplace reading the book, a pot magically appears next to the coat hanger.

Continuity mistake: When the Beast brings Belle into the library the books on the table change between shots.

Continuity mistake: Just before Gaston proposes to Belle, the band members at his wedding change between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the wolves run away the Beast is shown standing in the snow before collapsing and there are five cuts on his arm. However, when Belle treats the wounds in the next scene, there are only three cuts on his arm.

Continuity mistake: When Maurice first comes to the castle, there is no smoke from any of the chimneys, even though we later see that there is a fire inside.

Continuity mistake: When the Beast bursts into the West Wing after Belle refuses to go to dinner with him, he grabs the magic mirror, sees Belle, and puts it back down again. Then another petal falls from the rose, but notice that the petals on the table are in a different position than they were in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: When Belle returns the book to the librarian, he puts it on a shelf, and it is leaning against other books. A little later, it straightens itself without the man touching it.

Deliberate mistake: During the Gaston song in the tavern, Gaston is wearing a pull over shirt with no buttons in front. At one point in the song he rips open his shirt to show off the hair on his chest. The very next second, however, his shirt is back to normal. The shirt is not ripped or disheveled, and it is completely unscathed as if it had never been ripped open or torn apart.

Continuity mistake: In the 'Human Again' song, near the end of the song Cogsworth and Lumiere turn on the fountain and the large middle statue sprays out water, but the two statues either side of the middle one are turned off. Then the wardrobe jumps out onto the balcony singing and then it cuts to an ariel shot, and now the two side statues are suddenly spraying water too.


Continuity mistake: Outside Belle's house there is a wishing well situated on the grass directly in front of the window and cellar doors, plainly seen in the initial shot of Belle leaving her home to go to town. However in the scene where Chip gets Maurices woodcutter going, as it hurtles towards the cellar doors in a wideshot, the wishing well has vanished!!


Continuity mistake: When the Beast is getting ready, just before the ballroom scene, the coat stand is cutting the Beast's hair with a pair of scissors that has red handles. Then, in the final shot, the whole pair of scissors is silver.


Continuity mistake: In the tavern, which is the setting for the 'Gaston' song, right at the end of the bar there is a thick wooden beam attached to the bar and the ceiling. You can see this beam clearly when Le Fou sings "No-one's slick as Gaston...", and he prances around and then grabs the beam. However, right at the end of the Gaston song when they sing "So his marriage we soon will be celebrating...", the camera pans backwards out to the window, but the wooden beam has vanished.


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Gaston: How can you read this? There's no pictures!
Belle: Well, some people use their imagination.



Though not revealed in the movie, in the New Orleans Disneyworld Princess hotel rooms there are portraits of each Disney prince. The 'Beauty & the Beast' prince is in human form and his name states underneath 'Prince Adam.' Also the officially licensed Disney Fisherprice 'Little People' have a set which contains 'Belle and Prince Adam.'


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