Here Come the Double Deckers

Invaders from Space - S1-E12

Revealing mistake: As Spring closes the door of the bus after looking for the spacemen outside the walls wobble.

Barney - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: When Barney is in the bus he pushes the roof up with his hat .

Robbie the Robot - S1-E9

Revealing mistake: When Robbie is firing the golf balls at Frank Thornton one goes in his mouth - it's obvious by his head movements that Frank is actually spitting the golf ball out and the film is reversed.

United We Stand - S1-E15

Revealing mistake: The councillors put red paint in Beaumont's hat and put it on his head, squirting paint out through the top, but when they are pouring the paint into his hat you can see it already has a hole in it to let the paint out, and the way they are holding the hat shows them covering up the hole to stop the paint coming out before it is put on Beaumont's head.

Man's Best Friend - S1-E14

Revealing mistake: During the show when doughnut dressed as a tramp sits on the end of the bench and his weight causes tiger, who is sitting on the other end of the bench, to go up in the air, you can see the wires lifting her.

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