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Victor Baxter: Good morning, Sophie. How about something healthy and delicious?
Sophie: How about something greasy and salty?
Victor Baxter: Green and leafy?
Sophie: Brown and crispy?
Victor Baxter: How about something.
Sophie: Chef Victor, we both know how this is gonna end.



In the scene where Newt is going to measure for the "Chill Zone," he asks Cory to help him. At first Cory is holding the main piece of the measuring tape, while Newt runs out with the "pull out end." Shortly, after cutting out to a conversation, Cory is holding the "pull out end" and then releases it, so his buddy Newt is the one caught by surprise when Cory releases his end of the measuring tape.



In the episode "We Don't Have Chemistry", Cory has to go to an Astro Force Five convention to avoid Summer School. This is similar to an episode of That's So Raven, where Raven goes to an Astro Force Five convention to spy on Devon.