Have Gun - Will Travel

Have Gun - Will Travel (1957)

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Starring: Kam Tong, Richard Boone

Genres: Western

Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Three Bells to Perdido 1
2 The Outlaw 1
3 The Great Mojave Chase 0
4 Winchester Quarantine 0
5 A Matter of Ethics 0
6 The Bride 0
7 Strange Vendetta 0
8 High Wire 0
9 Show of Force 0
10 The Long Night 0
11 The Colonel and the Lady 0
12 No Visitors 0
13 The Englishman 0
14 The Yuma Treasure 0
15 The Hanging Cross 0
16 Helen of Abajinian 0
17 Ella West 0
18 The Reasonable Man 0

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Paladin: I don't think you got a very good look at this gun while you had it. The balance is perfect. This trigger responds to a pressure of one ounce. If you look carefully in the barrel you'll see the lines of the rifling. It's a rarity in a hand weapon. This gun was handcrafted to my specifications and I rarely draw it unless I mean to use it. Would you care for a demonstration?



When Paladin talks to the ranchers, two equipment shadows are moving on the wall at the upper left of the screen.



Steve, the cattlehand that Paladin shoots in this episode, is played by Johnny Western, who sang the theme song to "Have Gun - Will Travel."