The Weird Al Show
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Bad Influence 0
2 Promises, Promises 1
3 Mining Accident 0
4 Back to School 0
5 Time Machine 1
6 One For the Record Books 0
7 Because I Said So 0
8 Talent Show 0
9 Al Plays Hooky 1
10 He's Not Heavy, He's My Hamster 0
11 The Competition 0
12 The Obligatory Holiday Episode 0
13 Al Gets Robbed 0

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After the Squirmese chef sets up his additional ingredients, Corky answers the video phone. During Corky's conversation, Al's kitchen can be seen with no trace of the chef or his ingredients.



During the Fatman cartoon, when the fish is using his charge card, a zoomed in shot of the card itself is shown. The fish's bank is noted as "DNA", a reference to the Fatman cartoon's producer, DNA Productions.