Cold Case

The Promise - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: At the start of the episode the date "October 23, 2003" appears onscreen, which is the night of the party where Laurie Dunne died. However, shortly after, we see the officer typing up the accidental death report and the year of death reads as "2004" and also later when Laurie's father shows the laptop to Stillman and Lilly, we see the date stamp "2004:10:23" on the image that Laurie had emailed.

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Revealing mistake: In the Season Five opener "Thrill Kill," when Dylan is being led out of jail, you can see palm trees in the background behind him. This reveals that the scene was filmed in Los Angeles, not Philadelphia.

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Lilly Rush: People shouldn't be forgotten. They matter. They should get justice, too.

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