Tru Calling

Haunted - S1-E5

Factual error: Tru arrives "more than three hours late" for the MCAT and then begins the test. Firstly, it would be pointless for her to even bother going at that time, since she'd have already missed the entire Verbal Reasoning section and possibly the Physical Sciences as well (depending on how much more than three hours she was late). Secondly, that's really a moot point since late arrivals to MCAT testing centers are not permitted to take the test.


Past Tense - S1-E4

Factual error: Davis tells Tru that glucagon is a substitute for insulin in diabetic emergencies. In actuality, it does exactly the opposite of insulin, raising glucose levels in the blood while insulin lowers them.


Haunted - S1-E5

Factual error: Both Tru and Davis refer to the petechial hemorrhaging (i.e. the bleeding behind Paige's eye-lids) as 'petechial imaging' at least twice in the episode which is very shabby given their experience working in the morgue


Haunted - S1-E5

Factual error: This episode misrepresents the scheduling and format of the MCAT. The exam is given in four sections, with an hour lunch break between the second and third. The morning session lasts three hours and fifteen minutes, the afternoon two hours and fifty minutes. If Tru was "more than three hours late" (and, presumably, less than four hours late) when she arrived after 2:30pm, then it presents two problems. Firstly, the session should be in the midst of its lunch break. Secondly, the test started much later in the day than the real MCAT does.


Brother's Keeper - S1-E3

Character mistake: At the end of the episode, after Sarah has been tricked into revealing her plan and is rather obviously going to go to jail, Tru tells her that she "should have taken half," meaning that she should have settled for half of Andrew's money in a divorce instead of trying to get all of it by having him murdered. But Tru seems to be forgetting that Sarah has been trying to divorce Andrew all along, and it's Andrew who has stood in the way of that. Sarah would evidently have been perfectly happy with half, but Andrew prevented it from even being on the table for her, so Tru's comment doesn't make any sense.


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Jack Harper: Good people has to die too, Tru.

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Answer: It is called 'Somebody help me' sung by Full Blown Rose.

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