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11New Year's Daze0
12Old Spouses Never Die: Part 10
13Old Spouses Never Die: Part 20
15And Justice for Paul0
16Reese's Friend0
17Nashville Bound0
18Oh, Suzannah0

There She Is - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: In season one, episode two, "The Beauty Contest," Julia Sugarbaker states the following about her sister Suzanne becoming Miss Georgia World, 1976: "when she emerged from the isolation booth to answer the question, "What would you do to prevent war?" she spoke so eloquently of patriotism, battlefields and diamond tiaras, grown men wept." However, in this episode, Suzanne recalls her answer to the final question, "I said I wanted my own TV show." Further, the name of the pageant changes from Miss Georgia World to Miss Georgia U.S., and the year changed to 1975.

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Julia: Suzanne, if sex were fast food, there'd be an arch over your bed.

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