Batman and Robin
Episode Title Mistakes
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Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Batman Takes Over0
2Tunnel of Terror0
3Robin's Wild Ride0
4Batman Trapped!0
5Robin Rescues Batman!0
6Target - Robin!0
7The Fatal Blast0
8Robin Meets the Wizard!0
9The Wizard Strikes Back!0
10Batman's Last Chance!0
11Robin's Ruse0
12Robin Rides the Wind0
13The Wizard's Challenge0
14Batman vs. Wizard0
15Batman Victorious0

Vicki Vale: Will you do me a favor?
Batman: Certainly.
Vicki Vale: I'm going to have dinner with Bruce Wayne, will you join us?
Batman: That's very nice of you.
Vicki Vale: Then you'll come?
Batman: Of course.

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