Most TV factual errors of 2012

1Ripper Street pictureRipper Street (2012)13
2Arrow pictureArrow (2012)8
3Restless pictureRestless (2012)3
4Super Power Beat Down (2012)3
5Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (2012)3
6Magic City pictureMagic City (2012)2
7Revolution pictureRevolution (2012)2
8Elementary pictureElementary (2012)2
9The Returned pictureThe Returned (2012)2
10The Newsroom pictureThe Newsroom (2012)2
11Brickleberry pictureBrickleberry (2012)2
12Birdsong pictureBirdsong (2012)2
13Longmire pictureLongmire (2012)1
14Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (2012)1
15Dirk Gently pictureDirk Gently (2012)1
16Continuum pictureContinuum (2012)1

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