Most sci-fi movie visible crew/equipment of 1988

1Phantasm II picturePhantasm II (1988)6
2Earth Girls Are Easy pictureEarth Girls Are Easy (1988)3
3Mac and Me pictureMac and Me (1988)3
4Critters 2 pictureCritters 2 (1988)2
5Short Circuit 2 pictureShort Circuit 2 (1988)2
6They Live pictureThey Live (1988)1
7Killer Klowns From Outer Space pictureKiller Klowns From Outer Space (1988)1
8Space Mutiny pictureSpace Mutiny (1988)1
9Cocoon: The Return pictureCocoon: The Return (1988)1
10Hobgoblins pictureHobgoblins (1988)1
11Pulse picturePulse (1988)1



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