Most comedy movie continuity mistakes of 1954

1White Christmas pictureWhite Christmas (1954)15
2Seven Brides for Seven Brothers pictureSeven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)15
3Bugs and Thugs pictureBugs and Thugs (1954)7
4Dragon Around (1954)5
5Design for Leaving pictureDesign for Leaving (1954)5
6Sabrina pictureSabrina (1954)4
7Little Boy Boo (1954)4
8Hic-cup Pup (1954)3
9My Little Duckaroo (1954)3
10Pigs Is Pigs picturePigs Is Pigs (1954)3
11Goo Goo Goliath (1954)3
12By Word of Mouse (1954)3
13Puppy Tale (1954)2
14Baby Butch (1954)2
15No Barking pictureNo Barking (1954)2
16Mice Follies (1954)2
17The Runaway Bus pictureThe Runaway Bus (1954)1
18Living It Up pictureLiving It Up (1954)1
19Hobson's Choice pictureHobson's Choice (1954)1



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