Michael Westpy

27th Aug 2001

Beetlejuice (1988)

Corrected entry: When Lydia is writing her suicide note, she crumples up her first attempt. Then she says one sentence, but when the camera shows her paper, it is filled halfway up with writing.

Correction: The full note (as seen on the screen) reads: "I am utterly alone. I can no longer stand being used as a tool between two deceitful world's. By the time you read this, I will be gone having plummeted off the Winter River Bridge." By the time she gets to "by the time you read this...." she's almost sobbing.

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: The whole plot of the Matrix trilogy basically comes down to the fact that the humans "scorched the sky" (i.e. they created black clouds all over the Earth), thus cutting the energy from the Sun to the machines. Therefore machines started to use humans as their source of power. In Revolutions we see that the machines are able to build huge structures (such as the Fields and the City) - so why did they just not build huge solar power panels above the clouds? They are capable enough to do that, surely?

Correction: I don't think the machines can come into contact or even close proximity with the scorched sky, or they will be damaged (note the sentinels that magically fall off the Logos when Trin takes it up into the sky (the Logos gets owned also)). Even if the machines could get a structure up into the clouds, the disabling energy from the sky would diactivate them. The "human power" was readily availible...the machines were just opportunistic. I do agree that the use of humans for energy is a little gratuitous, but it makes sense in the scope of the "world" at the time period of the movie.

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: Kid tells Mifune he is 16, while in Reloaded, ie. a few hours earlier, he stated he was 17, as he was thinking about which crew to join next year. It can't be due to lying about his age (he tells Mifune first of all that he's 18), as while Mifune might have been fooled in the heat of battle, his age is no doubt on record in realation to when he's ready for official duty.

Correction: "Kid" never says his age, all he says is, "next year I'm old enough to join a crew....". It's never mentioned how old you have to be a join a ship, just that you have to be 18 to join the "service".

Michael Westpy

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo tells Trinity to fly over the sentinels, you see her pull back on the sticks with both hands, however, immediately before and after she is holding Neo's hand.

Correction: Upon close inspection, you never see Trin's right hand grab the stick, only her left. She does indeed hold on to Neo.

Michael Westpy

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