Corrected entry: When Marcus is being shot by Selene with silver bullets during the truck chase, he heals pretty well, despite being half-Lycan. But when Michael has been shot with "normal" bullets by the police, Selene says he could die. Surely, being a hybrid as well he should heal quickly, like Marcus.


Correction: Marcus is an elder. He has been alive for hundreds of years and is the original vampire from the Corvinus clan. He is bound to be a lot stronger than Michael.

Corrected entry: Due to the lack of sunlight, because she is a creature of the night, you expect Selene to be a lot less tanned then shown when she's naked. (00:37:00)


Correction: I just so happen to have watched this movie (again) last night. Selene seems to be pretty white to me. I really didn't see any evidence of her having a tan.

Nick Bylsma

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