25th Jun 2018

Secretariat (2010)

Continuity mistake: While in the stable, Penny Chenery asks Miss Ham to step outside so she can talk to trainer Earl Jensen privately. Miss Ham exits out the stable door, the inside shot shows nothing but a row of windows to the left of the stable doorway. When Miss Ham hides just outside the same stable doorway to eavesdrop, there are no windows, and only equipment and hay hanging from the doorway. (00:11:30)


The King of Queens mistake picture

Fight Schlub - S8-E22

Visible crew/equipment: When Doug is getting a lift from the Priority Plus driver after being rescued from being stuck in the drive-thru, you can see the camera truck (the truck they use to film exterior road/driving shots) in the reflections of the glass windows of buildings behind Doug when the camera cuts to him.


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