23rd Jan 2021

Jurassic Park (1993)

Trivia: In the German translation, the producers added an unintentional (and probably mostly unnoticed) meta joke. As an answer to Tim's joke question "What do you call a blind dinosaur?" they used "A See-Nix Saurus" which, unlike the original answer, with trivial spelling differences works just as well in German. (Probably) unbeknownst to them, the spelling of the answer is actually "A Xenix Saurus." It is aimed at aging Unix operators, implying they are old enough to still have used the Xenix OS, and are therefore a fossil. A probably quite small number of Unix geeks (including me) took that as a VERY clever jab at his computer geek sister, and were very disappointed by the fact that it isn't even present in the original dialog.

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