Audio problem: In the stages of Cornaria and Venom, the themes are reversed. The Venom theme plays on Cornaria, and the Cornaria theme plays on Venom. The Venom theme is also played as Fox's theme when it should be the Cornaria theme.

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Bug: Use Kirby and eat Yoshi so you copy his eating ability. Then eat Yoshi to turn him into an egg. The person playing as Yoshi must quickly mash buttons and the control stick to break out. When Yoshi is free, he will be smaller. This can be done over and over again, making Yoshi smaller and smaller. He can even get as small as a single pixel.

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Bug: In earlier versions of the game, you can look at Daisy's trophy from the back, under her hair so that the camera clips through it, and see a third eye. This was fixed in later versions. (01:03:00)

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Peach: Oh? Did I win?

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Captain Falcon: Show me your moves.

Question: Why is Super Smash Bros. Melee the only game in the series (before Smash Ultimate) where Pichu and Young Link are playable? Is it that they were voted to be in the game?

Question: Why don't most items, such as the Metal Box, function in this game like they did originally? In Mario Bros. Freezie was deadly to the touch, but not in Melee.

Question: Why was Lucas meant to replace Ness in the game if Mother 3 hadn't came out at the time of Melee's release?

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