Tarzan Triumphs

Continuity mistake: In this scene we see Tarzan and Boy standing at the end of a cliff. The background shot of the sky is a stage prop. There are 15 or more arching lines in the sky scene.


Revealing mistake: In this scene we see Cheetah jumping down from a tree to the ground. In the next shot we see Cheetah and a circle of light moves, which indicates they were using a mirror or even a light for extra lighting to brighten up the shot. This happens very briefly and is very noticeable.


Continuity mistake: In this scene we see the two German pilots are flying low over a flock of flamingoes who get startled and fly towards the plane. We get a inside cockpit view of the pilots and the starboard side window has not a mark on it and is clear. In the next shot the pilot shouts out the words "Look out" Look Out" and the window is peppered with bird feathers. Then a moment later the glass is clear again and this time we see and hear the feathers hit the window.

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