Continuity mistake: When the jumper shoots Kuffs before going off the ledge, pay attention to the trajectory of the bullet fired from the gun and then to the bullet wound that Kuffs shows us in the taxi cab. They don't match. If the bullet got him where it was supposed to, he would've been hit in the hip/upper thigh area, instead of the side of his abdomen like in the cab.

Continuity mistake: After the Chinese Laundry blows up, Kuffs and his partner hail a cab, which is a red Ford Crown Victoria. Notice the shape of the back window. In the next shot from inside the cab, the car is totally different, more like an old style car with a rounded rear window. It's not the same car.

Continuity mistake: At the top of the parking garage, after the shooting starts, a bad guy jumps into a yellow van with a rear view mirror on the windshield. When he starts to back up, the rear view mirror is gone, but in the next shot the mirror is back.

More mistakes in Kuffs

Ted Bukovsky: Next time shit before you sign in. Shit! Sign in! In the car.
George Kuffs: Am I gonna be tested on this later?

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