The Number 23

Continuity mistake: When Walter is imagining himself killing his wife, the bed sheets change from silver to red momentarily after he wakes up.

Factual error: Right after Walter has the nightmare about killing his wife, he wakes up and turns around to see the alarm clock show 11:12. The clock makes a flipping sound when it switches to the next minute, just like those alarm clocks from the 1980s that have those little numbered plastic cards inside. However, it's a digital alarm clock and they do not make such sounds.

Factual error: Walter reads from his book he wrote in 1991. He mentions the Oklahoma city bombing. That didn't happen until 1995.

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Trivia: In an interview, Jim Carrey admitted to being obsessed with the number twenty-three.

Walter Sparrow: Why that street? Why that hotel?

Walter Sparrow: She had a face that was meant to smile.

Isaac French: People only pray because they think God will help them if they do.

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