Corvette Summer

Continuity mistake: As Kenny is riding the bike, to try and grab on to the ladder at the back of the camper, the rear side-marker light on the camper is missing its red lens cover. In subsequent shots the red cover is there, and then vanishes again.

Continuity mistake: During the chase through the gravel roads and the rock quarry the Trans-Am is following the Vette. In one scene the scrub brush can be seen breaking off the low-hanging front spoiler on the Vette. It is gone for the remainder of that particular location. However, once the car leaves the gravel road and is back on paved highway immediately following, and for the rest of the film, the spoiler is back in place as if nothing happened.

Continuity mistake: The custom fiberglass hood is delivered to the school, and Kenny rips the wrapping paper off immediately to examine it. The hood scoop molded into the hood is missing the large row of forward-facing vents that are there the next time the hood is shown.

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Trivia: During the course of the story, the Vette goes from being red, then painted gold, and finally back to red again. The producers actually had two cars, one red and the other gold, custom made before production began. This was to help speed up the filming. During the course of filming, both cars were stolen, and two more, another red one and another gold one were hastily made to finish production. The original two were shortly recovered, and all four were used as displays at various movie theaters across the country when the film premiered.

Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: 'Scuse me, uh, seventeen miles an hour?
Tico: Fifteen.
Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: On the in'erstate. What are ya doin', lookin' for a contact lens?
Tico: You patties crack me up. Still doin' your speed number, huh?
Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: Well what are you into, miles per gallon?
Tico: Class...we're into class.

Vanessa: Hey, know what I got on under here?
Kenneth W. Dantley, Jr.: Paper towels?
Vanessa: Nothin'. My streaker suit.

Principal Bacon: You, young lady, do you have an explanation to offer?
Vanessa: Sure don't, jack.
Principal Bacon: Well who does?
Vanessa: Ask Bozo.

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