Problem Child 2

Continuity mistake: When Junior, Trixie, and their parents get their picture taken at the pizza parlor, everyone smiles except for Trixie. Later, when Ben takes a look at the picture, Trixie is smiling.

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Continuity mistake: After Ben wipes his mouth from being hit by the egg, it cuts to Trixie and you can see Ben behind her looking in another direction, without his napkin in his hand.

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Continuity mistake: While LaWanda and the family are eating the salad with the bugs in it, they start to notice things moving around on their plates. Ben Healey (Grandpa) says, "What in the hell is in this salad?" LaWanda replies, "It's bleu cheese" after taking a bite of a piece of salad leaf with a big bug under it. During this shot, there is nothing on her face. The next shot is very brief, showing a surprised look on the others faces. In the very next shot, a huge bug is suddenly crawling on LaWanda's cheek. There was no way this bug could crawl out of her mouth and onto her cheek in the time allotted, let alone without her noticing.

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