Wedding Crashers

Audio problem: In the scene where Todd and Jeremy are in the bedroom together and Todd is lying on top of Jeremy asking to play "tummysticks", - right before Sen Clary is about to come in and Jeremy begins to panic, watch Jeremy as he's lying on the bed talking. You hear him say about three sentences, but see his mouth move for about one from the left side view of his mouth.

Continuity mistake: During the football game where Jeremy & Zack "tackle" for the second time, Gloria and Mrs. Cleary are startled and jump up from their seats. In one shot Mrs. Cleary's glass is filled about half way with a redish liquor, but in the next it is a hardly visible clear liquid.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when John goes into Jeremy's office to talk about their wedding season; John is holding the cup of water in his right hand, keeping his right hand on cup, but when he throws the cup of water it is then in his left hand.

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Trivia: The "Lock It Up!" discussion in the movie was completely improvised by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Trivia: The painting of Jeremy that Todd Cleary ('Keir O'Donnell') creates and gives to Jeremy was kept by Vaughn after filming.

Trivia: John Beckwith's line, "I think we only use 10 per cent of our hearts", was ad-libbed by Owen Wilson.

Gloria Cleary: Don't ever leave me!
Jeremy Grey: Ever.
Gloria Cleary: Good. 'Cause I'd find you!

Jeremy Grey: I got a stage five, virgin, clinger.

Jeremy Grey: A friend in need is a pest.

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Question: What was the "substance" in the eye drops that was dispatched into the water?

Jason Riley

Chosen answer: The substance is Visine Eye drops which is an old bartender trick for obnoxious drunks. Just a couple of drops in a drink will indeed make the person feel ill.

Damian Torres

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