Les Miserables

Factual error: When Javert arrives in Paris to inform the Prefect that he has found Valjean, the government building displays the French Tricolour. This part of the film is set in 1823, during the Bourbon Restoration, so the flag should be the white, Bourbon flag.

Other mistake: Young Cosette has brown eyes. Teenage Cosette has green eyes. (01:02:00 - 01:13:35)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Fantine is dying, she asks Jean Valjean to give a necklace to Cosette. There is a closeup of Fantine's head and neck and Valjean's hands enter the shot and begin to remove the necklace. A moment later she begins to cough and there is a cut to a two-shot of the pair from a few feet away. Valjean's hands are nowhere near her neck in the second shot.

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Javert: Reform is a discarded fantasy.

Javert: Jean Valjean. I knew it.

Enjolras: You hurry back. After tomorrow, you can make love to her as a free man.
Marius: Maybe.

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