The Hot Spot

Continuity mistake: When Harry Maddox is about to go for a ride with Dolly Harshaw, he reaches for his shirt and is mesmerized by the legs of his other love interest, Gloria Harper. Gloria catches Harry admiring her, with her head turned backwards, cigarette poised near her lips. In the frames immediately preceding this moment, she clearly does not have a cigarette, lit or unlit, anywhere near her.

Continuity mistake: When Harry Maddox shoots Frank Sutton in the chest with a Colt 1911, when the gun is fired it locks open as if the gun is empty, but the very next frame the gun is cocked and ready to fire again. (01:57:20)

Frank Sutton: So you're a tough guy, huh?
Harry Madox: No, you're the tough guy. I'm worse.

Harry Madox: If you fall out of bed again the cockroaches are gonna start talkin.

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