Factual error: Towards the end, Quinn injects herself with a syringe full of Morphine to try and kill herself. She's dead in seconds. This does not act nearly that fast. Especially from injecting it in her arm.

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Continuity mistake: According to the countdown, Jordan has less time to live (about 3 minutes) than Quinn, which makes the whole end with the morphine pointless. (01:09:00)

Continuity mistake: In more than one scene, the roads were wet from recent rain yet cars stayed free of splash marks. When Quinn parks outside her home, the streets are wet, but when she opens the door to go inside, a view from inside the house does not show any wet pavement. (00:14:46)


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Trivia: The movie is not over after Quinn visits her mother's grave and sees the new Countdown App message on her phone. After the song and some credits, there's another short scene. (01:12:28 - 01:20:57)


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