Merrily We Live

Continuity mistake: Mr. Kilbourne sits at the breakfast table and asks for his newspaper; during the scene the tea strainer to his right is facing upwards in the wider shots, and pointed with the opening down on the table in the close-ups. (00:04:30)

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Mrs. Emily Kilbourne: Do you drive a car?
Wade Rawlins: Well, I did.
Mrs. Emily Kilbourne: Oh, but that's wonderful! Ambrose was such a poor driver, they tell me.
Marian Kilbourne: Mother, if you're thinking of asking this... this....
Mrs. Emily Kilbourne: My mother always told me that children should be seen and not heard.
Marian Kilbourne: Yes, but your mother was smarter than my mother.

Mrs. Emily Kilbourne: Every night when I go to bed, I search myself.
Marian Kilbourne: Did you ever find anything?

Mr. Kilbourne: Isn't there any respect at all in this family?
Jerry Kilbourne: Don't get discouraged, pop. There must be.

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