The Ghost of Frankenstein

Trivia: Even though the Ghost of Frankenstein is the title character, he has only two minutes of screen time.

Trivia: Lon Chaney Jr. hated wearing his rubber headpiece for the Frankenstein monster make-up so much that he ripped it off himself, tearing his skin open. The gash was so severe that production was shut down for a couple of days.

Ygor: Better death... than a life like this.

Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: Does he understand?
Ygor: Oh yes.
Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: Is he willing.
Ygor: Can't you see? He is the first time happy in his life.

Ygor: How does it feel to face a man you thought your brother killed, doctor?
Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: What do you want?
Ygor: The monster is with me. He's the one in the police station, but he won't be there for long. You will bring him here.
Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: The law must take its course.
Ygor: Law! What can the law do to him?

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