Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Continuity mistake: After Dumbledore gives Newt the card for the safe house in Paris, they teleport to a bridge where they continue talking. Dumbledore then tells Newt why he likes him so much, and in the side shots, Newt is shown holding the card up. When it cuts to angles from behind Dumbledore's shoulders, his arm and hand are much lower with the card and his head turned in a different position. (00:20:35)

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Other mistake: McGonagall appears as a young professor at Hogwarts, even though the movie is set in 1927 and she wasn't born, according to the official Harry Potter canon, until 1935.

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Suggested correction: It is unclear it's actually him. Could be his father.

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Continuity mistake: At Hogwarts when Dumbledore is asking a student what his 3 mistakes where, the student is backing up with his wand down by his stomach. Right before Dumbledore shoots a spell at him, the angle changes and suddenly the student has his hand extended out in front of him, pointing his wand at Dumbledore. (01:02:00)

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Trivia: The Philosopher's Stone from the first Harry Potter film is visible inside Nicholas Flamel's locker.

Trivia: Johnny Depp accepted the role of Grindelwald without reading the script, because he is a big fan of the franchise.

Trivia: With this film, Grindelwald has now been played by four actors - Colin Farrell, Jamie Campbell Bower, Michael Byrne and Johnny Depp.

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Newt Scamander: Dumbledore, why can't you go?
Albus Dumbledore: I can't move against Grindelwald. It has to be you.

Albus Dumbledore: Do you know why I admire you, Newt? You do not seek power. You simply ask, "Is a thing... right?"

Leta Lestrange: You're too good, Newt. You never met a monster you couldn't love.

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Question: Why does Nagini stand with Newt, Tina, Theseus, Jacob and aurors at the bridge of Hogwarts? I don't understand why she joins them without Credence who was her only friend at that time?

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Answer: She would stand with them to oppose Grindelwald and possibly hopes that Creedence can somehow be saved.

Question: Why did Grindelwald let his acolytes steal the family tree of Leta Lestrange and place it at Pere Lachaise? What's the point? If he wanted Credence or Leta to read it, he could have simply given it to them, right?

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Answer: Grindelwald was using it to lure Credence to the Pere Lachaise where the rally was being held.

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Question: Newt and Tina visit the records room located at the French Ministry of Magic. As soon as they meet with Leta who came to see her family tree, the worker at the records room suddenly walks over to them with Matagots and attempts to attack them, including Leta. Why?

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Answer: Newt and Tina were in the archive room illegally. When Leta, who is a Ministry employee, happened to discover them there, she chose to help them escape, which was breaking the law.

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