Bug: (Frisbee Golf) If your Wii Motion Plus accessory doesn't respond while throwing a Frisbee, the Frisbee (along with your Mii's hand) will spin around the Mii's body.


Trivia: In Archery, there are secret targets (really fruits such as watermelons and oranges) hidden around all 12 levels for you to strike with your arrow. If you hit one you will get an astonishing 10 points. The fruit hidden in Stage 1 of the beginner level is the orange by the waterfall.


Trivia: In Island Flyover, whenever you are flying over the Hillside Cabins, turn up your volume and you may hear Super Mario Bros. Music coming from one of the cabins (You can also hear it if you cut off the engine using "B"). Nintendo made both Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros.


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