Factual error: Dido and her husband had 3 children, not two as stated at the end of the movie. Furthermore, she didn't received an inheritance worth 2,000 pounds a year from her father.


Dido Elizabeth Belle: I remember my father's eyes. They were kind, gentle, a little like yours.
John Davinier: Mine?
Dido Elizabeth Belle: I mean in colour.

John Davinier: Should not any lady be flattered to be such a subject?
Dido Elizabeth Belle: How should any male know the ways of a lady when he has not even mastered the ways of a gentlemen?
John Davinier: Quite. Though one should be forgiven for thinking he is in the presence of a lady, when she is in fact still a juvenile.

Lord Mansfield: Society has a habit of disregarding one of its own even when opportunity provides.

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