Cheat: HOLLOW MAN: Makes you invisible. However, an important advice: do NOT enter a building even with this cheat on - enemies inside will perceive (and gun at) you in any case.

Cheat: POWERMAN: Makes guns more powerful. I personally have not noticed anything with the handguns, but the Gatling guns get an unlimited supply of ammunition.

Cheat: JACKAL: Is supposed to provide unlimited ammunition. The only change I have noticed is that Doc McCoy never runs out of sniper bullets when the cheat is active.

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In the few instances where you can hit Marshal Jackson with the lightning cheat, he remains upright even after being depleted of his 2,500 life points. (I've tried that stunt in El Paso).



By accident I found out that the players are actually able to kill innocent civilians, though in Level 12 (El Paso) only, and not directly. To kill a civilian without stopping the game, he/she must be placed before the approaching stagecoach or the train.