Question: Nintendo has always held Donkey Kong's rights, while Rareware created most of DK's games. Even after Microsoft bought Rare from Nintendo, Donkey Kong's Rare games were shown in some videos of Rare's headquarters. So, how exactly did Microsoft purchase Rare?

Question: Despite being a remake of the original game for the Game Boy Advance, why do Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 use the Microsoft-Rare logo instead of the Nintendo Rareware logo?

Answer: This answer would be similar to the answer to the Diddy Kong Racing question. Microsoft allowed Rare to develop handheld games for Nintendo since Microsoft didn't make handheld consoles and Microsoft said they weren't going to publish any Gameboy Advance games and any company was free too. However, Rare changed their logo in 2003 (corresponding to the Microsoft purchase) and that's the logo they used on all the games they developed, despite the platform the game was released on.


Question: What differences are there between the original SNES version and the GBA remake?

Answer: The snes had better sound quality and more variety of music, but the GBA has brighter graphics and deeper colors. The GBA added a few more mini-games plus Karozene, and you can save at any time. But Diddy can't do continuous cartwheels on GBA. Most people who like the game still prefer the snes version.


Trivia: The opening bars of the music that plays in any swamp level (known as "Bayou Boogie" on the soundtrack) is very similar to the opening bars of "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.

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