Last Night

Last Night (2010)


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Truman: Do you think you'll tell your husband about tonight?
Joanna Reed: I don't know, tonight's not over yet.

Joanna Reed: Once you know something like that, you can't unlearn it.

Michael Reed: You can be happy and still be tempted.
Laura: I know, but surprised you do.

Joanna Reed: You really touch me whenever you feel like it, don't you?
Alex Mann: No. I touch you a fraction of when I feel like it.

Joanna Reed: It's funny how you can get up and have absolutely no idea where the day will go.

Truman: I don't know if Alex would ever settle down with anyone. Like... he seems more whole on his own.

Factual error: Close to the end of the film Michael Reed is traveling from Philadelphia to New York City by train early in the morning. The sun shines on his face from left side which is impossible in the morning, as the left side of his face faces west during that direction of travel (from south to north).

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