Thor: The Dark World

Corrected entry: While in London Jane is about to be arrested for trespassing. In the UK trespassing is a civil offence and you cannot be arrested for that alone, only removed from the private land.

Correction: She was not going to be arrested. The police asked her to come with them, then she went aether on them. That was when they wanted to arrest them.


Corrected entry: Just before Loki pretends to cut Thor's hand, Thor is sleeveless. Then he takes the hammer and suddenly has iron sleeves.

Correction: It came with his hammer. This has been shown in both Thor and The Avengers. This is just a bit more instant.


Corrected entry: The red estate car they drive to the abandoned warehouse has a number plate that starts with a K, but the security-engraved windows seen in the shots from inside the car show the plate starts with a G.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: As is common in the UK (and other countries no doubt), its an old model Volvo that is no longer manufactured and the same goes for a lot of parts such as glass. If someone can't obtain a replacement window from the manufacturer, they can go to a scrapyard/breaker and remove windows from a scrapped car. I have a Ford Transit that is T registered, but has two windows from an R registered van.

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