Beautiful Creatures
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Lena Duchannes: There's a new world, mama. It ain't all dark, and it ain't all light, and it ain't all ours.

Ethan: You're gonna think I'm so uncool.
Lena: It's OK. I don't think you're cool now.

Ethan Wate: I'm Ethan Wate.
Lena Duchannes: Ethan Wate? You mean *the* Ethan Wate drove me home?
Ethan Wate: You've... You've heard of me?
Lena Duchannes: No.

Ethan Wate: Don't worry, you'll find it, just look under how not to turn into your mother.

Amma: God gives us what we can handle, even if we don't believe it ourselves.

Ethan Wate: Memories are erased. One look back at the sign, I remembered. I remembered you. Every moment we spent together. The secrets we kept. Everything came flooding back into my heart.

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