Beyond the Time Barrier
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The Supreme: You are from a nation of speaking people. How glorious that must be! Our society is less fortunate.

Maj. William Allison: Sterile?
Dr. Bourman: Yes, they are a dying race. There hasn't been a new birth on this citadel in the last twenty years.
Capt. Markova: That's where you fit into the plan, Allison. Make no mistake about it.

Princess Trirene: Major, I must tell you the truth, understandably not an easy thing for me to do. Everything they say about us is true. We are sick and dying. You can imagine with the envy I look upon you, Kruse, Dr. Bourman. I myself am in the first stages of mutation.

Captain: I don't trust that man. Especially his thoughts.

The Supreme: I fear our future is done, Captain. We have returned to the cave where men first lived on earth. We have returned to our birthplace to die.

Continuity mistake: After Major Allison's return, when he's in the OR with Dr. Richman he's lying shirtless on a gurney, but in Allison's closeup he's wearing a pajama top and there's a slatted headboard behind him - which is a shot taken from a later scene in his hospital room.

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