K-9: P.I.

K-9: P.I. (2002)

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Continuity mistake: When Dooley and Jerry-Lee are chasing the bad guys at the start, Jerry is seen to be in front by quite a way. When they enter the factory, Dooley is in the front by quite a way.


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Audio problem: When Dooley tells Jerry-Lee to calm down and that the feds doesn't have anything on them, the audio doesn't match what he is saying.


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Factual error: The way the FBI officers, who are trailing Dooley, act is completely unprofessional. The scene where the one has to restrain the other after the sprinkler incident would never happen.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Dooley breaks down at the start, just as Jerry-Lee jumps out the car there is a bright light reflected on the back of the car's wing mirror. There is nothing around to be a source of the light.


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Revealing mistake: When Dooley pulls up in his car after agreeing to have Jerry-Lee and Molly breed, a stage light is reflected in Dooleys car's paintwork.


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Continuity mistake: When Jerry-Lee is at the breeder's home, he starts to eat some flowers. In the first shot he picks up one stem of flowers and pulls them out of the vase. Camera cuts and he starts to pull them out again.


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Revealing mistake: When Jerry-Lee bites the FBI truck's tyre, he can easily squeeze the tyre. There is no way Jerry-Lee should be able to squeeze the tyre that much.


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