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Continuity mistake: When Teddy's kids are lying dead on the grass, the position of the girl's arms keeps changing between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Teddy swims towards the light house and gets out of the sea, his clothes are wet, few seconds later, when he is running up the stairs, his clothes are absolutely dry.


Continuity mistake: When Teddy and Chuck are walking through the grave yard they approach a building which they enter to get out of the rain. When they are taking off their rain coats, Teddy throws his, but Chuck's just disappears between shots.


Continuity mistake: The first night Chuck and Teddy sleep in the bunk bed, Chuck's head is totally resting on the pillow in the close-up angle, as opposed to the semi-rigid position from the previous wide angle shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Teddy's in the lake holding his dead kids, the amount of floating leaves increases / decreases randomly between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Edward is entering the lighthouse, he grabs the doorknob on the left side of the door. Next shot, when we see him entering, the doorknob is on the right side.


Continuity mistake: When Rachel is covered in blood she places her hand on Teddy's cheek. When the angle changes it's suddenly over his shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: The morning after Teddy's light-flash migraines, he and Chuck walk out into the center courtyard and look upon the havoc wreaked by the thunderstorm. Teddy glances up at the electric wires around the gated perimeter and sees a branch that had fallen and bent the line. In the first shot, the log is leaning into the courtyard. The shot then cuts closer and the log is leaning outside of the courtyard. When the shot cuts back to Teddy, the log is once again mostly inside the courtyard.


Continuity mistake: In Cawley's office Teddy takes an aspirin with one hand and a glass of water with the other. Next shot his hands are empty.

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Continuity mistake: Before Teddy finds Chuck dead, Chuck takes his hand to the pocket in his jacket to grab a paper. When the angle changes, his arm is in a different position and he repeats the previous movement.

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Continuity mistake: Two cops run away from a wall when a tree falls in front of them. Half a second later they are standing still next to the wall, as if nothing had happened.

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Continuity mistake: While talking with Teddy, Noyce's hand is either holding the bar or raised depending on the angle.

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Continuity mistake: Teddy has a freckle or bruise next to the band-aid that appears and disappears all the time.

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Continuity mistake: When the German officer is dying, his gun has a paper next to it. When Teddy kicks the gun away the paper is gone.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Teddy is about to blow up the car, at first you see him stuffing the necktie into the gas tank. As he talks to his wife, he remarks to her that he never liked the tie, and he holds the entire tie up to her. In the next shot the tie is once again fully stuffed into the tank.

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Continuity mistake: When Leo has the doctor against the wall near the end with the syringe in his hand, in the angle looking at the doctor, the needle is closer to his neck, but when it switches sides to Leo, he is holding the syringe farther from his neck, within the space of seconds.

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Continuity mistake: The lighthouse shown at 0:16:29 has more fences around than the same lighthouse shown at 1:20:00. The characters are also looking and pointing up to the lighthouse a long way away and lower down than they should be.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Teddy and Chuck are talking by the steps. Teddy's cigarette is in his mouth or away depending on the angle, with no continuity sense whatsoever.

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Revealing mistake: When Leo is laying his dead kids on the grass, the little girl keeps moving her eyes and breathing.

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Trivia: When Teddy enters the lighthouse, as soon as he begins to climb the spiral stairs, the camera follows his movement from in front of him. However, as Teddy and the camera wind around the stairs, the wall behind also appears to move with them, as though what is REALLY moving is only the staircase itself, rotating on its central axis. Yet another point (added to the various disappearing glasses/bottles) that adds to the general 'insane' feel of the film.

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Question: The woman that writes "run" on Teddy's note pad, was Ben Kingsly trusting this "crazy woman" not to tell Teddy or even let it slip that the whole thing was set up for him? Same question goes for every other crazy person in the institute that Teddy speaks to.

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Answer: Teddy belonged in Ward C. He would have never met any of the patients.

Chosen answer: The other patients were not let in on the arrangements. They would have had no reason to suspect that anything at all had been set up for Teddy. As far as they're concerned, if they're cognizant enough to be concerned at all, Teddy's just another crazy guy acting as crazy as all the rest of them.

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