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Saw VI (2009)

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Pamela (the reporter) is William's sister. The mother and son in the other cage is Hank's family. Hank is the man who had his health insurance coverage denied at the beginning of the movie. Hank's wife doesn't want to kill William but Hank's son pulls the switch and William is injected with acid. The sheet of paper that Pamela had (and showed to Jill at her apartment) is the mysterious letter that Amanda received in the 3rd movie. The letter was written by Hoffman. He wrote to Amanda that he knows that Amanda told Cecil to go to Jill's clinic for drugs. Cecil caused Jill to lose her and John's/Jigsaw unborn child (this happened in a flashback in the 4th film). The letter also says that Amanda had to kill Lynn (the doctor that did surgery on Jigsaw in the 3rd film) or he would tell Jigsaw that she was involved in Cecil's robbery and loss of the child. The 6th envelope in the box given to Jill by Jigsaw (the box was given in the previous movie) has info and a photo of Hoffman. Hoffman, like Amanda, also has to go through a test. Jill places a reverse bear trap on Hoffman and leaves. Hoffman acts quickly and places the front part of the trap between the bars of a window (so that the trap can't fully open) and takes off the trap. The last scene is Hoffman with part of his faced ripped open and screaming in agony...

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Jigsaw: You think it's the living who have the ultimate judgment over you, because the dead have no claim over your soul. But you may be mistaken.



We see Hoffman has to use pliers and force to remove Strahm's hand from the grill. However, since the hand is freshly severed, rigor mortis would not have set in, and he should have been able to remove it with ease.



Tanedra Howard, who won Scream Queens and got a role in a Saw movie, is featured in the opening trap as Simone.