The Reader

The Reader (2008)

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Corrected entry: Michael and Hannah lived in West Berlin. In 1958 it was a closed enclave inside communistic German state (DDR), so a secret two-day bicycle tour in the countryside would be impossible for an under-age boy without parents.


Correction: During the cafe scene where they have a meal, it's plain to see the waitress presumed Hannah was his mother, and in fact she makes a comment about hoping his mother enjoyed the meal. It was only when he kissed Hannah that the waitress thought anything differently.


Corrected entry: Did I miss something? She is convicted because she wrote a report but yet years later she learns how to read and write in prison. Or was she convicted because she didn't want to let people in the court know she didn't know how to write?

Correction: The latter: she was so ashamed of being illiterate that she lied and said she wrote the report rather than show the court a "writing sample" - which would expose her illiteracy. By the way, this sort of submission goes under Questions, not Mistakes.

Corrected entry: In the 1988 scene in NY, when Michael exits the taxi there is an SUV vehicle in the background which would not be available in 1988, that's for sure.

Correction: Please be more specific. Was it a model not built in 1988? Was it newer than 1988? Was it an import that was not available at the time?

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